Forward/Reverse – June 2019 – Timothy’s Lionville
Featuring Myke and Ned
Audience member Damian is voiced by team member Daemon in a scene where team members Steph and David are visiting David’s mother’s grave site.

Molly’s – Phoenixville – 2017
Rowdy and David doing a scene using all the random sentences that people on the streets of Phoenixville provided for us. They are at a flower shop that is a secret gay meeting place.
Molly’s – Phoenixville – 2017

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The Ultimate Makeup Tutorial:

Patrick’s Eulogy: 

Pavlov: an improv game where 3 participants are assigned an action and a pavlovian response, unbeknownst to each other, where they must try to trigger each others’ pavlovian responses.

Rowdy: scratches someone’s parts when they lift their arms.
Edwin: tap-dances when someone reaches down.
Myke: smells someone’s armpits when they reach.

Scene with an Audience Member:

Living Props at the Chester County Democrats Fundraiser:

Schoolyard Bully:




Puppets at the Democratic Party Fundraiser: