Improv Game Nights

We focus on providing accessible, fun, affordable improv game nights for those who want to try improv, or for those who want to sharpen their skills.


Adult game nights are designed to go over the basics of improv at a deeper level than at drop-in workshops. We go over improv rules, game formats, and tips on performing. Curriculum changes by month. Beginners will learn the basics. Intermediate attendees will sharpen their skills. Experts will be used as guinea pigs and mocked relentlessly until they make everyone else laugh. Classes are created by content of attendees. Must be 18+.

Events via Last Minute Replacements

We discus the basics of improv in a family-friendly beginner layout, playing large-group games and learning some tips to play other games. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Anyone under 14 must have a parent present in the building. Anyone under 8 must have a parent present in the room. Attendees are expected to keep their content clean and age-appropriate based on the ages of attendees.

Events via Short Form Brainstorm

We teach children the basics of improv while exploring emotions and creativity while learning to stay within the rules of each game. Our mission statement at Short Form Brainstorm is to use improv to teach students to respond dynamically to changes, to learn to effectively problem-solve through active listening, to increase public speaking skills, self-confidence, and to engage respectfully with peers to build content. We create a safe workshop space to build positive peer interactions and creative exploration. Must be age 9 and older to follow the format of the games. Parents are welcome to attend as students as well!

Events via Short Form Brainstorm
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