About Us

The Last Minute Replacements are an innovative, fresh, short form improv comedy team based in Chester county, Pennsylvania. Bringing new twists and outrageous characters, The Last Minute Replacements turn audience suggestions into side-splitting scenes that are sure to leave you laughing. Since their debut performance, The Last Minute Replacements have been in demand by various venues in the Chester and Montgomery counties of Pennsylvania.

Since 2012, we’ve been hosting improv game nights to introduce people to the fun of improv games without a commitment or a high price tag. We’ve had members from all professions and all experience levels come to our workshops and leave with a smile on their faces.

From those attendees, a small performance team of experienced improvisers emerged to form a team that we call The Last Minute Replacements. Since their debut performance, The Last Minute Replacements have been in demand by various venues in the Chester and Montgomery counties of Pennsylvania.


Rory O’Donnell is the new kid in town. A transplant from the midwest, when this beanstalk isn’t making you laugh, he’s making you cry as a graphic designer. Rory’s into podcasts, all those indie hipster bands with the horrible names, and the music of The Weather Channel.

Special move: 

Deployable limbs that double as poor quality scaffolding

Current obsession:

The video “Top 5 Plastic Chairs Enthusiasts Would Die To Own”

Fun fact: Wears wool hunting socks year round

“I would buy Oops All Berries cereal but I find it too disingenuous.”


David Gallop got his start when he joined his college improv team. With no previous on-stage experience of any kind, it was quite the change to perform monthly for 100-300 people. He quickly came to love it, and was soon leading the team. After graduating, David went looking for a great new improv group to join, but instead he found LMR.


Steph’s had a love for improv since middle school, although she only joined her first improv team in college at West Chester University. She’s been performing with LMR since 2015. Since joining, she has become improv-obsessed; she studies improv in her spare time, reading improv books and watching improv videos and discussing anything improv related with her husband (Myke). She has taken multiple advanced improv classes through White Pines Productions and now she co-hosts practices and workshops. Steph recently had the opportunity to play a game on stage with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from “Whose Line is it Anyway”. She is a pretty big deal now.


Daemon Blaszczyk has acted in Kutztown University’s Sunshine Players and as a cast member in an all improv Halloween show at Brinton Lodge. He is also the lead singer in a local cover band called Throwing Shade, and is an all around magnificent lover. Follow him @bigdee333 on the Twitters…


John Carl Morgeneier discovered Improv in early 2014 after being invited by a friend. He enjoyed it so much that he kept going until he was accepted as one of their own. It has been over 400 days and no one has noticed that he isn’t human yet. He is usually running late for performances because he’s exercising, which is a disgusting hobby to the rest of the members of TLMR. In his free time he works out, acts in various professional productions, and runs obstacle courses. John enjoys eating bananas, and dreams of being a rich celebrity if Ellen would just respond to his messages.


Matty Routz “Rowdy” has performed in multiple troupes spanning 3 states and has been a guest star in several other improv troupes. He has been leading and doing workshops since 2008 and loves performing. You can contact him at until he figures out how to make a twittermachines. Rowdy is known as the Grandpa of the group because he doesn’t know how to use technology. If you need to get in touch with him, try sending a telegraph.


“Myke” (Kenneth Mykel Smith) became a leader of an improv team at college. From there, he’s done workshops, taught improv to kids, and performed at conventions and events for 100 to 800 people. Myke has a passion for kids, acting, and improv, and is always up for anything comedy. He does a large part of the marketing for LMR. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram at @mykeisfilipino.


Becky Sue started ImprESS (Improv Exploration Skill Studios) after attending various improv workshops and classes, and finding that there was a need for a local, inexpensive workshop for beginners to be able to try improv without pressure or judgment, and without having to mortgage their homes or sell a necessary organ in order to do so. She does much of the management and booking, and a large majority of the general sexual harassment for LMR and likes to stay behind the scenes until her inability to shut her mouth takes over. She has performed at various venues throughout central Pennsylvania as well as in the Philadelphia region in a theatre and improv capacity, and hopes to continue playing improv games for funsies as long as anyone will tolerate her shenanigans. She makes a lot of dick jokes but is generally a good person if you don’t tell her you’re watching. You can find her in local bars sipping house wines and asking strangers personal questions, or on Twitter at @momswhodontBS .